1.1.1: Backtrace of non-responding server

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Fri Apr 7 11:56:14 CEST 2006

Hi again,

> good news (I think)

OTOH, I think it's rather bad news:

Thread 9 says:

> #9  0x403a8dd2 in sql_query (sqlsocket=0xffffffe0, config=0xffffffe0, querystr=0x262 <Address 0x262 out of bounds>) at sql_mysql.c:161 
> #10 0x403a4ab0 in rlm_sql_query (sqlsocket=0x819f190, inst=0x81284e0, query=0xbebfe86c "INSERT into radacct_eduroam (AcctSessionId, AcctUniqueId, UserName, Realm, NASIPAddress, NASPortId, NASPortType, AcctStartTime, AcctStopTime, AcctSessionTime, AcctAuthentic, ConnectInfo_start, Connect"...) at sql.c:495
> #11 0x403a3508 in rlm_sql_accounting (instance=0x81284e0, request=0x407133d0) at rlm_sql.c:1020

Note the wrong address 0x262 while the code is supposed to give char* query,
0xbebfe86c, as third argument to that function.

So maybe it's in the FR code after all. Maybe a race condition between two
threads that mixes pointers up?




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