Authentication problem

Hamid Salim salim.h at
Wed Aug 3 15:38:51 CEST 2005

Hi all,
i was wondering if anyone has successfully implemented the following 
setup and/or had any issues. this is my second post. your help will be 
greatly appreciated.

I have a setup as follows:

Fedora core 3
FreeRadius 1.0.4
openssl .098
Dell TrueMobile 1170 Access Pointv2.3.3
802.11b/g cards for AP and supplicant
Windows XP SP2

FreeRadius is not authenticating, there are no messages on the screen 
or the logfile. The AP does not see the FreeRadius server!

I think this is a configuration issue outside of FreeRadius.

Has anyone had similar problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as i have hit a wall here and i am 
on a deadline!


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