accounting - respose from freeradius, and forward

Tariq Rashid tariq.rashid at
Wed Aug 3 15:53:16 CEST 2005

hi - is it possible for freeradius to do the following?

we'd like freeradius to reply to accounting requests (start, stop, interim)
with acknowledgements, but also to forward the accounting request to a
backend radius server but to ignore the response from this prozy behaviour.

this means that the querying NAS equipment doesn't spend time and resources
waiting for a backend reply to an accounting request. however, the backend
radius (possibly belionging to a 3rd party organisation) will need to see
the accounting packets - we just ignore/drop their repsonse.


1. 	[NAS] ------ accounting -----> [freeradius]

2. 	[NAS] <----- accounting ------ [freeradius] -----------> [radius

3. 	[NAS]                          [freeradius] <----------- [radius

is this possible?


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