rlm_sql post-auth variable bug?

Fernando Schapachnik fernando at mecon.gov.ar
Wed Aug 3 17:12:47 CEST 2005

	In my AAA chain I have a module that *sometimes* adds a custom
attribute (defined in my dictionary as ipaddr) called Auth-NAS. This
module is called in the authorize section. Later on, in the post-auth
session I have a SQL-module that has:

postauth_query = "INSERT INTO ${postauth_table} (...)  \
		VALUES (.... \
                '%{check:Auth-NAS:-}', ...)"

	When run, and Auth-NAS is not present, it outputs:

rlm_sql (sql-xxx) in sql_postauth: query is INSERT INTO table 
(...) ??VALUES (..., '=01', ...);

	Sometimes the '=01' is replaced by ''.

	Is this a bug in some place or am I doing something wrong? Any 

	Thanks in advance.


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