Simple flat file passwords?

Martin.Ward at Martin.Ward at
Wed Aug 3 18:34:07 CEST 2005

I am trying to use the passwd module to configure a simple flat file with
two fields, a user name and a password. I believe I have the module
configured right:

passwd text_file {
                filename = /var/text_file
                format = "*User-Name:*User-Password"
                authtype = PAP

The contents of this file are:


However I can't figure out which authtype to use. If I use PAP (above) I
get the following errors:

rlm_pap: login attempt by "mward" with password feeble
rlm_pap: No password (or empty password) to check against for for user

If I use CHAP or MSCHAP I get errors like:

rlm_chap: Attribute "CHAP-Password" is required for authentication. Cannot
use "User-Password".

and if I change the format=line to suit, my passwd module fails with:

modcall[authorize]: module "text_file" returns notfound for request 0

Can anyone point out the undoubtedly siple thing I am missing? Thanks.

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