Coa and Disconnect Message

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Aug 4 17:32:54 CEST 2005

gennaro amelio <gennaro.amelio at> wrote:
> So Alan, FreeRadius can' t send Disconnect Message?

  No.  99% of the time disconnect messages are useless, and the wrong
thing to do.

> Then i think that the better solution is use rlm_sqlcounter and an external
> apllication that control the session time and send Disconnect message.
> You are agree with me?


  If you use sqlcounter, the module will control session time, and the
NAS will automatically disconnect the user.

  The ONLY purpose for the disconnect message packets is to fix a
mistake.  i.e.  You accidentally gave someone unlimited service,
they've been on for 2 weeks, and you want to disconnect them.

  For normal operations, the Session-Timeout attribute is all you

  I have *no* idea why you would want both sqlcounter & disconnect

  Alan DeKok.

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