different eap/tls config for different interfaces

ragan_davis at colstate.edu ragan_davis at colstate.edu
Fri Aug 5 22:03:57 CEST 2005

I'm running freeradius on a linux box with 2 nics, eth0 and eth1.  
Let's say eth0 has an ip of, and eth1 has an ip of  And, eth0 is a member of vlan 5 and eth1 is a member of 
vlan 6.  I bind freeradius to "*", so it's listening on both 

I generated freeradius' tls certificate with a common name matching 
the ip of eth0 (  Will this cause problems when a client 
tries to connect to freeradius via eth1 (  If so, is it 
possible to have 2 different tls sections that service the 2 different 
interfaces?  Seems like I read somewhere that you can represent more 
than one IP in the common name of a certificate, but can't remember 
for sure as it's been a while.  Anyone have any suggestions?


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