FreeRadius EAP-TLS quesiton

Kris Benson kbenson at
Wed Aug 10 17:14:53 CEST 2005

FreeRadius users mailing list <freeradius-users at> on
August 9, 2005 at 19:03 -0800 wrote:
>Thanks for your help. 
>Do you think that (1) and (2) in my previous message could be the 
>reason that freeradius will not authenticate the client?

No, not now.  Judging from the message you send OOB, it's an issue with
the OpenSSL libraries.  In fact, if gcc and openssl can't find them,
support for TLS (and any other public-key based method) is likely not even
compiled into your freeradius binary.

Fix the library problem, then generate your dh and random files.  If those
work, try radius... if it still doesn't work, make sure the rlm_eap_tls
module is compiled and installed.  If not, recompile freeradius and check

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