Migrating from one to another radius server

Oleg Motienko motienko at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 14:04:09 CEST 2005

On 8/11/05, Alan DeKok <aland at ox.org> wrote:

> > We have to migrate our user database to another billing system but we
> > can't migrate all users and reconfigure all routers simultaneously.
> > Presumably we can migrate about 50-100 user of several thousands every
> > day, and we want to make this process transparent for users.
>   Why not migrate all user information to the new database, and switch
> from the old one to the new one at 2am one day?  If something goes
> wrong, you can switch back, and re-do the migration.

This is impossible because of old and new billing system use different
password encryption in database, running on different OS and also use
different software for radiusd. Unfortunately we will have to change
every password manually because we have not unencrypted one.  Also
there is about 20 access routers, so we need to reconfigure every of

> > 1) freeserver forwards request to oldserver and if user is still in
> > olddatabase, oldserver process request.
> > 2) if user is not found in olddatabase, freeserver forwards request to newserver
>   RADIUS doesn't return "notfound". It returns "REJECT" or "ACCEPT".
> So what you want to do can't be done the way you want.

Sorry I'm not familar with radius terminology yet, I mean "REJECT".

>   I don't see why you wouldn't just migrate all of the users at once.

Yes, we will do complete migration at once if there is no methods to
migrate gradually.


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