Accounting VSAs

Wesley Spadola wspadola at
Fri Aug 12 01:37:58 CEST 2005

I was wondering if it is possible to modify the accounting queries to 
accept our own Vendor Specific Attributes. 

I would like to insert the Ascend-Data-Rate attribute we receive from 
our Ascent (Lucent) MAX TNT machine running TAOS 11.  Upon browsing the 
sql.conf file, my thinking was that if most of the attributes get %{} 
"escaped" and turned into "variables" that are inserted and modified, 
that VSAs would too.  Upon some testing, at least in my case, I have 
found that this isn't true.

I find that the NAS sends many Vendor-Specific lines that 
dictionary.ascend contains and FreeRADIUS therefore decodes, but I am 
stumped as to how to include these in our queries.

Is here any documentation or workarounds?


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