Required Clarification

Benedikt Panzer benedikt.panzer at
Fri Aug 19 14:46:53 CEST 2005


I'm not really experienced with FR, but maybe this is enough to help you.

 > 3) How does it maintains database does it uses SQL, if so ? whether 
it provides any
 > alternative to maintain database of username and password ? for 
example like by using files….. etc.

FR is able to store users and their attributes in a couple of backends 
including sql database and a users text file. See the modules section of 
radiusd.conf for more information.

> 1) What is the maximum length of username and password allowed in 
> freeRADIUS ?
That probably depends on the backend you're using, or look in if there's a limit.

> 2) What is the maximum number of users allowed to authenticate? I 
> mean, how many users does it maintains in its database?
I guess that's a question of performance first. Propably all backends 
can store _enough_ users and FR can also handle them.

> 4) Is there any necessity or possibility to use secondary RADIUS server ?
Technically it's not necessary. But if you use it for something 
important it's obvious better to have one... ;-) It's possible of course 
to set up 2 RADIUS servers.

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