Mobile phone authentification

Marc.Schlueter at Marc.Schlueter at
Tue Aug 23 14:12:41 CEST 2005

Hi all,
I'd like to use FREERADIUS as an authentification method for mobile
phones, but I'm not sure
A) if this is possible and
B) how to configure as I'm a newbie.

Please find following scenario:
A mobile phone user would like to access my server behind the
proxy/gateway by using a gprs connection of an official provider (e.g.
vodafone). Currently the mobile phone builds up a gprs connection to the
providers network and send a get.request to the server through the
proxy/gateway. My proxy/gateway simply forwards the request to the
server but can not authentificate it.
Especially authentification gets important for the application called
"MMS-Multimedia Messaging Service". In this case the client POSTs a
message, but leaves the sender-header in the message empty (=asks the
network to insert the proper information). Then my proxy/gateway can not
insert the proper information, but the server which has to process this
request requires the sender-header to perform billing actions for

Now I was told that RADIUS is the solution. RADIUS is able to detect the
actual sender information and delivers this information to the
proxy/gateway which is then able to insert the missing value into the
sender-header and everybody's happy ;)

Someone was able to follow my thoughts?

What's currently available? A proxy/gateway, mobile-phones,
GPRS-connectivity and a RedHat machine for freeradius.

What's needed? Some support in configurating freeradius.

Comments are really welcome,


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