build problem - mysql header files not found

Ben Dowling bendowling at
Tue Aug 23 17:14:08 CEST 2005


I am having a problem building freeradius-1.04 on linux. I have 
installed mysql 4.1.10 but when running make it bails out complaining 
that mysql.h and errmsg.h cannot be found. The files can be located in 

As a hack I copied these files into the corresponding build directory 
and I also added /usr/local/mysql/lib to /etc/ but the build 
bails out saying a mysql library cannot be found.

Searching on the net it seems that these problems are a result of 
mysql-devel not being installed, but I don't believe this package exists 
for mysql 4.1.10, as the header files and libraries are included in the 
standard package. Do I need to set some enviroment variables to get this 
to work, or am I using an incompatable version of mysql?

Thanks in advance,


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