problem with reathentication

Liaqat, Touseef Touseef_Liaqat at
Wed Aug 24 07:23:12 CEST 2005

Hi All,


I am using for windows which I downloaded from I apologize if this distribution is not relevant to this mailing list.


when testing I am getting some problem with authentication. Server authenticate the client but after one successful re-authentication it is denying next two re-authentications and then after those two , it is accepting two re-authentications and goes on with this pattern. I hope you understand what I am talking. This problem is very different then any other problem we faced related to radius server and we have never encountered this problem with freeradius with BSD. I have attached the debug log output of freeradius server for you comments. Please help me solving this problem.



Touseef Liaqat


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