help regarding pam_radius agent installation with RSA SecurID Authentication

mukherji rakesh rakeshmukherji at
Mon Aug 29 14:13:03 CEST 2005

Dear All
           I am configuring radius_pam agent on redhat linux 9 to integrate it with RSA SecurID Authentication technology.I have enabled radius on my RSA server but while trying to login from my linux client I am not able to enter as it says that access denied.I got a log from the /var/log/messages from the Linux client system like the following...
Aug 29 18:00:02 phoebe sshd: pam_radius_auth: RADIUS server failed to respond.
Aug 29 18:00:02 phoebe sshd: pam_radius_auth: All RADIUS servers failed to respond.

Can anyone please help me out of the situation?
I am waiting for your reply / solution.
Rakesh Mukherjee
India / Calcutta

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