Different behaviour with LDAP

Þórður Ívarsson toti at skrin.is
Wed Aug 31 14:28:57 CEST 2005

I am authorizing wireless network cards in "users file" with radius server (old cistron radius) and that is working fine

entry like:
121212-232323 Auth-Type = Accept

Only network card matching abov entry get access

Now I am building new radius server with FreeRadius and users information and passwords are kept in Open-LDAP

I have following entry in my "users file"

DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == "wireless", Service-Type == Framed-User, Autz-Type:=zldap-macaddr, Auth-Type := Accept
        Fall-Through = No

and this is in "radiusd.conf"
        ldap ldap-macaddr {
                server = "localhost"
                identity = "cn=manager,dc=skrin,dc=local"
                password = kept_secret
                basedn = "ou=users,ou=internet,dc=skrin,dc=local"
                filter = "(&(macAddress=%{Stripped-User-Name:-%{User-Name}})(radiusGroupName=wireless))"
                base_filter = "(objectclass=radiusprofile)"

                start_tls = no

                dictionary_mapping = ${raddbdir}/ldap.attrmap

                ldap_connections_number = 5

                # password_attribute = userPassword
                # groupname_attribute = cn
                # groupmembership_filter = "(|(&(objectClass=GroupOfNames)(member=%{Ldap-UserDn}))(&(objectClass=GroupOfUniqueNames)(uniquemember=%{Ldap-UserDn})))"
                # groupmembership_attribute = radiusGroupName
                timeout = 4
                timelimit = 3
                net_timeout = 1
                # compare_check_items = yes
                # do_xlat = yes

I have also different sections for different huntgroups of the LDAP entry in radiusd.conf for other services and they work fine.

The behaviour of the radius server is like that - authorize the client/user (match against huntgroup and ldap attribute search) then authenticate the user (trying to log into ldap server with user/password), but I have Auth-Type= accept, that I understand is allowing everyone that matces the authorize section. This breaks, it allows everyone that matches huntgroup but fails authorize. Is this normal or not?

Þórður Ívarsson
Skrín ehf

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