Authentication by validating RADIUS attribute value

HariHaran hariharanr at
Sat Jul 8 08:14:09 CEST 2006

Hi all,
 I am using FreeRADIUS1.1.1 and Fedora directory server7.2 as the LDAP backend to store all the user information.

 I configured RADIUS to contact LDAP server for authenticate the user request.

 I have to implement the following requirement,

 For each user in the LDAP server i will set some value to the RADIUS attribute , say for eg Filter-ID = 100

  If an authentication request comes to the RADIUS server it will contact the LDAP server, if the user is present in
the LDAP server the RADIUS will authenticate the user.

 What i want is, i want to authenticate the user by validating the value of the RADIUS attribute in LDAP server. For
example if the Filter-ID is 100 for user 'jack' i have to authenticate. If 'jack' has Filter-ID as 123 i should not

 Is i have to call a script before authenticating an user?
 If it is so how i can call and from which file i have to define the

 What are the various methods by which i can achieve the above?

 Anyone pls help me to get rid of the problem.

 Thanks in advance.

Pls give me the complete details.


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