Framed-IP-Address accounted in Hex

Graeme Hinchliffe graeme.hinchliffe at
Mon Jul 10 11:47:23 CEST 2006

On 7 Jul 2006, at 17:46, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Graeme Hinchliffe <graeme.hinchliffe at> wrote:
>> these are hex values, not octal, and it seems to be an intermittent
>> thing.
>   Dang.  Those bugs are hard to track down.

Yup, looking high and low for correlation

>> Are dictionaries loaded each time a child is started? or just once
>> and then kept in memory?
>   The server doesn't start any children.  The dictionaries are loaded
> once, and cached as long as it's running.

damn, thats that theory out then :)

Looking through the data we have, as it's easy to spot the errored  
data with the session ID we are logging when it is occuring.  We have  
noticed this occurs mainly when the accounting server is busy.  This  
would also explain why this has suddenly occured in such large  
numbers as we have recently increased the number of updates from the  
NASes.  This has obvioulsy increased the load on the server.

Looking at the backend DB (postgres) there are very few free  
postgress handles availible (we are using 50 connections from the  
server to the DB) if any.

When FreeRADIUS has no free connection with which to account the  
packet what does it do? Does the packet sit in RAM and try again? or  
is it simply discarded?  I am suspecting that this may be a cause for  
what we are seeing as the problem only seems to occur during server  
backups and high load.



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