FreeRadius/jRadius with Ericsson GGSN

Adrian Heath adrian.heath at
Wed Jul 12 17:39:22 CEST 2006

Trying to use FreeRadius (with jradius) to authenticate GPRS connections 
over a private APN with Vodafone UK based on a common userid/password 
but validating the MSISDN number (caller-id/mobile phone number) against 
a PostgreSQL.

Installed an evaluation version of SteelBelt Radius (Vodafone's 
recommended solution) and their test connection worked. Configured 
FreeRadius to return same attributes and Vodafone's test connection 
failed although FreeRadius sent back an accepted authentication.

The default SBR configuration file replaces something in the Class 
attribute included in the response with the User-Name attribute value. 
How do I configure FreedRadius to do the same?

SBR returns Class attribute that starts 'SBR2 CL' and then binary 
characters. The User-Name attribute is included somewhere in the rest of 
the string as changing the length of the User-Name in the request varies 
the length of the Class response by the same number of characters.

The NAS is an Ericsson GGSN.

Any suggestions welcome

Adrian Heath

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