How to handle non digest messeg if Auth-Type is set to Digest?

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jul 28 01:24:15 CEST 2006

"GlobeInPhotos" <biuro at> wrote:
> > Go back and read the debug log.  Check your configuration.  YOU set
> >Auth-Type in YOUR configuration.
> Are you talking about radius config?
> In my config I have something like this.
> authorize {
> <cut>
> 	Digest
> <cut>
> }

  That doesn't have the text "Auth-Type" in it, therefore it's not the
piece setting that.

> For sure I'm not arguing but I'm trying to find solution to my problem :)

  You're disagreeing with what you're being told, and not following

  Go back and read EVERYTHING you've configured.  You're setting
Auth-Type somewhere.  And PLEASE stop discussing this, or posting
questions to the list until you've found that, and fixed it.  It IS

> Well, it makes sense :) After real digest message (INVITE request from
> OpenSer), our script in OpenSer sends special request for extra processing.

  Special request?  That has no meaning to me.

> This extra request is sent only in special situation. OpenSer can decide is
> this special situation happen when it receives data after INVITE request. We
> can sent all necessary data in reply for INVITE message but retrieving extra
> data is processor expensive and that is why we retrieve data only when it is
> really needed - using next nondigest request. I hope it is clear now.


  You've said "special processing" a number of times.  That's
meaningless to anyone who isn't reading your mind.

  You said "digest message without digest", which is a contradiction.

  Alan DeKok.
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