assigning vlan based on LDAP attribute

Thibault Le Meur Thibault.LeMeur at
Fri Jul 28 22:19:58 CEST 2006

> I'm trying to add a user to a vlan based on an ldap attribute. I've checked
> out: annd saw the following
> would have to be added to the user's ldap record:
> radiusTunnelMediumType: IEEE-802
> radiusTunnelType: VLAN
> radiusTunnelPrivateGroupId: 2

Yes that's usually the syntax, but it might depend on you switch/AP, so 
check the docs of your device.

> If I don't want to actually insert that into the LDAP database, is it
> possible for Radius to figure out which vlan to assign to based on some
> other already existing LDAP attribute?

One way to do that is to use LDAP groups. If your users are in 
dedicated LDAP groups, then a rule like the following in your "users" 
file will do the trick:
DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == myAP, Ldap-Group == Engineering
        radiusTunnelMediumType: IEEE-802
        radiusTunnelType: VLAN
        radiusTunnelPrivateGroupId: 2
        Fall-Through = no

> For example, if I want to assign
> users whose userDepartment attribute equals ITS into vlan 3 and those who's
> userDepartment attribute equals HR into vlan 4?  If so, could you give me a
> link to how to do that, or explain briefly?

Ldap-Groups can be "true ldap groups" such as groupOfNames entries. 
However, you may also want to map LDAP-Groups to the value of an 
attribute inside the user's entry.

See the groupmembership_attribute in the ldap configuration section
#       groupmembership_attribute: The attribute in the user entry that states
#       the group the user belongs to.

Refer to the docs/rlm_ldap for more information


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