RedHat RPM's

Sebastian Wild sw at
Mon Jul 31 21:19:47 CEST 2006

well after all there is two ways you can go along:

- install from source which will require you to fullfill all 
dependencies and install the neccessary header (i.e. "-devel" packages)

- go find some inofficial rpm, prolly or something like that 
will help you with this. Infofficial just means that those are NOT from 
the freeradius maintainers nor are they maintained by them. This needn't 
mean that those are bad. They mostly do fine. I even installed some 
redhat rpm on suse with success :)
And if it don't work indeed then it is easy to get rid of it again :)
So I suppose for a newbie this wiould be the easier way....


King, Michael wrote:
> I'm just confirming,  As per the FAQ, there are no (Official) Redhat
> RPM's at the moment.
> The best way to install on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4
> (Nahant) is to install from source?
> I'm setting up a new server (and redhat is a new distro for me) and I'd
> like to start off on the right foot.
> Michael King 
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