static IP's with rlm_perl

Michael Gale michael.gale at
Thu Oct 19 22:25:59 CEST 2006


	I am trying to set static IP addresses for clients I have authenticated 
via radius with my rlm_perl module.

I am trying the following as a test but it is not working:

	    $RAD_CHECK{'NT-Password'} = $pass;
	    $RAD_REPLY{'Framed-IP-Address'} = '';
	    $RAD_REPLY{'Framed-Netmask'}= '';
	    $RAD_REPLY{'Framed-Protocol'} = 'PPP';
	    $RAD_REPLY{'Service-Type'} = 'Framed-User';

Any help would be great full.

Michael Gale

Red Hat Certified Engineer
Network Administrator
Pason Systems Corp.

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