static IP's with rlm_perl

Michael Gale michael.gale at
Fri Oct 20 00:09:49 CEST 2006


	On the client side I receive the error:

TCP/IP CP reported error 738: The server did not assign an address.

In my authorize function in rlm_perl I am trying to assign a static IP 
to the client based on their username:

	I thought I could assign the IP by using the method below:

         $RAD_REPLY{'Framed-IP-Address'} = '';
         $RAD_REPLY{'Framed-Netmask'}= '';
         $RAD_REPLY{'Framed-Protocol'} = 'PPP';
         $RAD_REPLY{'Service-Type'} = 'Framed-User';

However it looks like the IP is not being sent back to the client.


Alan DeKok wrote:
> Michael Gale <michael.gale at> wrote:
>> I am trying the following as a test but it is not working:
>   What's not working, why?
>> Any help would be great full.
>   You've carefully not given any information about what you expect it
> to do, or what is happening.  No one can help you without that information.
>   Alan DeKok.
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