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> > All,
> > We have an hp infrastructure and use identity driven management to
> enforce
> > some additional rights to users(as forcing vlan assignment).
> > We have a mixed wireless environment with hp procurve and cisco(1200)
> > For hp access points we don't have any problem, but when trying with
> cisco
> > devices freeradius crasches with a segmentation fault.
> > The segmentation fault happens when accessing the module
> > auth.conf which is loaded through radius.conf.
> > (if i comment out this module i don't get the error, but then vlan
> > assignment does't work for the hp's).
> > 
> It would be usefull to debug and to post whats in the
Just for your info the contents of both hpidm config files:

[root at belx11ke raddb]# cat
Post-Auth-Type REJECT{
[root at belx11ke raddb]#

[root at belx11ke raddb]# cat hpidm.modules.conf
        version = 1.0
[root at belx11ke raddb]#

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