Problems with freeradius set up

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Tue Oct 24 16:41:08 CEST 2006


nicely done problem report!

My guess is that your tables contain a check item that is not satisfied by the 
incoming requests. Could you do a
SELECT id,UserName,Attribute,Value,op FROM radcheck WHERE Username 
= 'mpearson' ORDER BY id

(this is one of the SQL statements in the debug output. It might also help to 
execute all other statements that appeared in the debug output for the user 
and post them too)

and post it to the list (obfuscate the password of course)? Because

> rlm_sql (sql): No matching entry in the database for request from user
> [mpearson] 

this output looks suspiciously like the user itself was found in the database, 
but there was more than one line concerning him and not all of those lines 
containing check items were satisfied.


Stefan Winter


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