radiusd service hang

David Roze david at netexpertise.eu
Thu Oct 26 20:07:58 CEST 2006

Hi Karthik,

I used to have the same problem in 2 different cases:
- When Freeradius was installed on Redhat 9, it used to hang every 3 or 4 days as well but you're on Redhat Ent3 so you should be fine
- When the connection to the MySQL server was dropping
Are you sure your connection to AD is reliable?



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  Am running freeradius on a RHEL v3 box, to authenticate 802.11 users against AD. All of sudden the 802.11 users cant get authenticated against AD, unless i reboot the radius service on linux box. It looks like radius service get hangs atleast weekly once for no reason, i couldnt find anything in the log file /var/log/messages. 

  Is anyone facing this issue ? everytime when the user complain that wireless i not working, have to restart the service manually. any help would be  appreciated.



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