FreeRadius installation problem.

Dennis Skinner dskinner at
Tue Oct 31 22:04:23 CET 2006

Chad Best wrote:
> Making install in main...
> make[4]: Entering directory
> `/usr/local/src/freeradius-1.0.0/src/main'
> /usr/local/src/freeradius-1.0.0/libtool --mode=install
> /usr/local/src/freeradius-1.0.0/install-sh -c -m 755
> -s radiusd   /usr/local/sbin
> /usr/local/src/freeradius-1.0.0/install-sh -c -m 755
> -s radiusd /usr/local/sbin/radiusd
> install:  radiusd does not exist

1. Go get a newer version.  You are compiling from source, there is no
reason not to be using the latest stable version.  If you want support,
you need to use a version that people can help you with.

2. There was probably an error in make.  Look again.  If you do
something like "make > make_output.txt" that will save the normal STDOUT
output to a file (to review later if you like) and the STDERR will still
go to your screen and will be easier to see.

Dennis Skinner
Systems Administrator
BlueFrog Internet

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