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Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Apr 5 20:59:18 CEST 2007

Erico Augusto wrote:
> Let I explain better ...
> I'm configuring WPA, so the Access Point sends Access-Request RADIUS
> packets to freeradius, with the Client-IP-Address is the
> Access Point IP Address, configured manually), to authenticate user.
> freeradius receives Client-IP-Address from Access Point. No doubt about
> that.

  No.  FreeRADIUS does NOT receive Client-IP-Address from the Access
Point.  There is NO doubt about that.  Since I wrote the code that
implements Client-IP-Address in the server, I'm sure about that.

> All what I'm trying to do is send Client-IP-Address,

  You can't send Client-IP-Address in a RADIUS packet.  It's impossible.

> after DHCP server
> assigns one to the client(, for example), via Post-Auth, to
> my application, so that it can be possible to configure the firewall,
> allowing the traffic from the host with Client-IP-Address.

  You want to use Framed-IP-Address.  See:

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