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parfait nda ndaparfait at
Thu Apr 19 10:39:29 CEST 2007

i need to configure my freeradius server in proxy server to use it with 
windows IAS! i want the configuration of the files of freeradius which can 
permit me to do that!
my last coonfiguration  of these files is:

proxy_request = yes

realm gie.local {
                    type     =  radius
                    authhost =  LOCAL
                    accthost  =  LOCAL

realm DEFAULT {
                      type     =  radius
                      authhost =  araignee.gie.local:1812
                      accthost  =  araignee.gie.local:1813
                      secret     =  parfait

client {
                           secret = parfait
                           shortname  = araignee.gie.local
thanks for your help!

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