freeradius and active directory

Rutger Beyen sylvester_rutger at
Thu Dec 20 21:44:25 CET 2007

I'm very glad I found a list like this. I hope some of you can help me with
this problem.
I want to set up a project with 802.1X, so users accessing my cisco switch
first have to log on. I found out that I could use freeradius for this. But
what I want to do is verify if the credentials entered by the user (on a
WinXP) are correct, by checking with the Active Directory on a
Win2003Server. Using  Ntlm_auth from the samba server is not an option. I
want to access the AD with the ldap protocol for compatibility reasons.
Next, I want to place the logged on user is a specific VLAN. So I have to
retrieve the user's vlan from the AD. Is there any way to configure
freeradius to do so? I would like to base the vlan on the OU of the person
in the AD.
Can you please provide me with the necessary steps to accomplish this?
Thank you very much,
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