Maxim Sirenko freeradius at
Sun Aug 3 19:18:09 CEST 2008

Hi, All!

Could you answer the question on the basis of your experience?
Since what version of freeradius you was successfull in using rlm_sqlippool 
with postgresql and what little fixes you had to do to make it work?
I have 1.1.7_3 port on FreeBSD 6.2 and I'm unsuccessfull in forcing to 
assign an IP from sql pool rather from NAS configuration pool.
In docs we encouraged to use 2.0.x to have this feature working.

I cannot upgrade to 2.0.x now because my radius is under 24*7 load and I 
don't have spare server to test it.

So I want to find out whether anyone had success with sqlippool+pgsql on 

Real successfull configs would be nice to see.


Maxim Sirenko.

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