Same user, different service authentication

Pshem Kowalczyk pshem.k at
Mon Aug 4 12:21:31 CEST 2008


You have to find attributes that differentiate one request from the
other. You can use them to set up for example huntgroups, or if the
number of users is low - just put that as a part of the 'check' line
in the users file.

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2008/8/4 Prasit Gebsaap <soap at>:
> Dear all,
>             I am a newbie for FreeRadius, and I have set up it for WLAN
> authentication (EAP with username/password) and PPTP VPN. Both NAS are Cisco
> device (Access Point and Integrated Router). It work as I expected, but use
> differnent user for each service, how to configure for same user to
> authenticate for different service as both NAS use different authenication
> method?
> Prasit Gebsaap
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