Whether the FreeRADIUS supports switch 3Com 5500G-EI ?

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Mon Jun 9 16:22:17 CEST 2008

Gennadiy Redko wrote:
> Alan DeKok ?????:
>>   The 3com switch is broken.
> Hardly
> I have six new switch on a choice.

  <shrug>  You're the one who said the switch isn't behaving as documented.

> It is clear. Whether it is possible to check up somehow a management on
> adjustment for presence of mistakes? Technical support 3Com wishes to
> show, that I somewhere have incorrectly adjusted FreeRADIUS.

  Send them a packet trace generated from wireshark.  It will be normal
RADIUS.  Then ask them why their switch doesn't do RADIUS, or why it
doesn't behave as documented.

> But at same stand Cisco 2970 - works.

  See?  Cisco works.  Tell 3com that the Cisco engineers know what
they're doing.

> Here last answer of technical support 3Com:
>> We have reviewed your current situation and feel that at this time the
>> best
>> course of action is for you to engage a local, independent Linux
>> expert who
>> can make further investigations and then liaise with our own 3Com Level 2
>> or Level 3 Technical support divisions on resolution.

  That's not a nice response.  This has nothing to do with Linux.  They
are simply refusing to support their equipment

  I suggest buying equipment that works (like the Cisco box), or telling
3com that you don't care *why* their switch doesn't behave as
documented.... you just want the switch fixed.  If they won't fix it,
return the switch, and demand that your money (including support fees)
is refunded.

  Tell them that FreeRADIUS is the #1 RADIUS server on the planet, and
that it's defining the new RADIUS standards.  i.e. FreeRADIUS is pretty
much the de-facto standard RADIUS implementation.  Anything that doesn't
work with FreeRADIUS is buggy.

  If they don't like that, submit a bug on freeradius.org saying that
3com is broken.  Anyone else trying to buy their equipment will discover
that it doesn't work, and will go to another vendor.

  Intel tried this a few years back, when one of their access points
failed to implement RADIUS properly.  They eventually fixed their
software, but they started off by claiming that FreeRADIUS wasn't
compatible with their equipment.

  That kind of response is usually from a low-level support flunky who
can barely spell "RADIUS".  They use any excuse to claim that they don't
have to give you the support that you paid for.

  Alan DeKok.

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