MySQL connection over SSL possible?

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Mon Jun 9 19:14:59 CEST 2008


I assume that data integrity and secrecy is vital for you, between your 
RADIUS server and your MySQL server. Why not creating an IPSEC tunnel 
between the two ones ? It doesn't require any programming skills, and 
it's fully secure if it is well set. It might be any encrypted VPN 
system, by the way. IPSEC is just an example.


Alan DeKok a écrit :
> Anders Holm wrote:
>> So, that's a "yes" .. :)
>   Yes.
>> rlm_sql_mysql is the driver, and I'd rather not have my own version running, but would love to see that rolled in, if possible. My only problem with creating a patch and send it in is more that I am not a coder really. I'd be more likely to create more problems then I'd solve .. ;)
>   There are other options.
>   Alan DeKok.
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