proxy problems with 2.0.5

Pshem Kowalczyk pshem.k at
Tue Jun 10 02:02:23 CEST 2008


For some reason the module returns noop ;-( I tried the following:

I created new 'files' instance:
        files post_proxy_files {

                usersfile = ${confdir}/post-proxy-users
                acctusersfile = ${confdir}/post-proxy-users
                auth_usersfile = ${confdir}/post-proxy-users
                postproxy_usersfile = ${confdir}/post-proxy-users
                postauth_usersfile = ${confdir}/post-proxy-users

(yes it's an overkill, I just tried to figure out which file is the
one to be read during that phase)

The post-proxy-users has the following syntax:
DEFAULT NAS-IP-Address == ''
        Cisco-AVpair += "ip:dns-servers=x.y.129.67 x.y.129.68",
        Framed-Pool += "wc-1",
        Huawei-Primary-DNS += "x.y.129.67",
        Huawei-Secondary-DNS += "x.y.129.68"

(which is the same as the 'auth' section, without the Proxy-To-Realm statement).

and the post-proxy section:
        post-proxy {
                $INCLUDE post-proxy.conf
        #       reply_log

During the debug I get the following:

Going to the next request
rad_recv: Access-Accept packet from host port 1815, id=175, length=57
        IHUG-Speed-Down = "64"
        IHUG-Speed-Up = "64"
        Framed-Protocol = PPP
        Service-Type = Framed-User
        Proxy-State = 0x323339
+- entering group post-proxy
++[post_proxy_files] returns noop

Which suggests that the module didn't find anything worth dwelling on.

So I made a small experiment - replaced the entry in the users file with:
DEFAULT Framed-Protocol == PPP
        Cisco-AVpair += "ip:dns-servers=x.y.129.67 x.y.129.68",
        Framed-Pool += "ihug-wc-1",
        Huawei-Primary-DNS += "x.y.129.67",
        Huawei-Secondary-DNS += "x.y.129.68"

(to match the reply from the home server) and I got exactly what I wanted:

+- entering group post-proxy
    postproxy_users: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 4
++[post_proxy_files] returns ok

and it returned the whole answer.

Reading rlm_files.c I found the following:

static int file_postproxy(void *instance, REQUEST *request)
        struct file_instance *inst = instance;

        return file_common(inst, request, "postproxy_users",
                           request->proxy_reply->vps, &request->reply->vps);

does that mean that in fact looks for the match only in the
'proxy-reply' packet?

I guess the easiest way to fix this is to use unlang to update the
reply packet based on information from either control or request

kind regards

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