help EAP-TNC

fbernal at fbernal at
Thu Jun 12 13:04:39 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm working  in setting up a basic scenario which involves 3  
components: a client using Xsupplicant a AP making use of hostapd and  
a Radius server using FreeRadius ;). I'm trying to probe the EAP-TNC  
method but i have received this message from the FreeRadius server:

rlm_eap: ERROR: EAP-TNC must be run inside of a TLS method.

I've configured EAP-TLS and this method alone it is working properly.  
So when I put in configuration file --> default_eap_method = tnc  
FreeRadius shows the message before. I think that in some way TLS must  
be configured or something to transport EAP-TNC, ok? (is possible to  
do this?)

is posible test EAP-TNC  with the current version of FreeRadius?


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