post-auth and ippool

Frank James Wilson frank at
Tue Jun 17 23:46:16 CEST 2008


I'm trying to set up freeradius with our ISP's APN (mobile network) service.
I've been using freeradius for sometime,and it works no problems.

I'm using the system authentication module, and again,no problems here.

My problem occurs when I want to use the 'dhcp' or ippool module.

Here's my error;
radiusd -x
Starting - reading configuration files ...
Using deprecated naslist file.  Support for this will go away soon.
Module: Loaded exec
rlm_exec: Wait=yes but no output defined. Did you mean output=none?
Module: Instantiated exec (exec)
Module: Loaded expr
Module: Instantiated expr (expr)
Module: Loaded PAP
Module: Instantiated pap (pap)
Module: Loaded CHAP
Module: Instantiated chap (chap)
Module: Loaded MS-CHAP
Module: Instantiated mschap (mschap)
Module: Loaded System
Module: Instantiated unix (unix)
Module: Loaded eap
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type md5
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type leap
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type gtc
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type mschapv2
Module: Instantiated eap (eap)
Module: Loaded preprocess
Module: Instantiated preprocess (preprocess)
Module: Loaded realm
Module: Instantiated realm (suffix)
Module: Loaded files
Module: Instantiated files (files)
Module: Loaded Acct-Unique-Session-Id
Module: Instantiated acct_unique (acct_unique)
Module: Loaded detail
Module: Instantiated detail (detail)
Module: Loaded radutmp
Module: Instantiated radutmp (radutmp)
Module: Loaded IPPOOL
Module: Instantiated ippool (mobile)
Initializing the thread pool...
Listening on authentication *:1645
Listening on accounting *:1646
Listening on authentication *:1812
Ready to process requests.
rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=122,
    NAS-Identifier = "ggsn3"
    User-Name = "mobile"
    User-Password = "xxxxxxxxx"
    NAS-IP-Address =
    NAS-Port-Type = Virtual
    Called-Station-Id = "mdaxxxx"
    Calling-Station-Id = "474000xxxx"
    Acct-Session-Id = "d4118d7924abecce"
    Acct-Multi-Session-Id = "d4118d7900003472"
Login OK: [mobile/Bama4ever] (from client ggsn3 port 0 cli 4740008077)
rlm_ippool: Could not find Pool-Name attribute.
Sending Access-Accept of id 122 to port 1812
Now as you can see I get the error saying:

rlm_ippool: Could not find Pool-Name attribute.

Which I can't understand, since it is defined;

ippool mobile {

                name = mobile
                range-start =
                range-stop =

                netmask =

                cache-size = 800

                session-db = ${raddbdir}/db.ippool

                ip-index = ${raddbdir}/db.ipindex

                override = no

                maximum-timeout = 0

                #key = ""

And also in the users file:

mobile          Auth-Type = System, Pool-Name = mobile
                Service-Type == Login-User,
                Framed-Protocol = PPP,
                Fall-Through = Yes

What am I doing wrong?

Please advice..


Frank James Wilson

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