Goodbye SNMP, hello statistics.

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jun 20 15:48:53 CEST 2008

  I've commited some code (~1K LoC) to CVS head that will go into 2.0.6.
 In short, there's no point in using SNMP any more.  The good news is
that the Status-Server packet is overloaded to get all sorts of
statistics that weren't available in SNMP.  For more information, see:


  Some comments:

- the statistics can ONLY be queried from localhost.  This will not be

- You can ask for ALL auth statistics (across all "listen" sockets)

- Or, specify a socket IP/port, and it will return the stats for that

- You can do this for auth/acct sockets independently

- you can query statistics for one client, and optionally specify
  the server IP/port (if the "listen" section has it's own clients)

- you can ask for total auth/acct packets that are proxied to home servers

- you can ask for total auth/acct packets that are sent to individual
home servers.

- you can tell when a home server was marked dead / alive, and how many
requests have been sent, but not responded to.

- you can ask for stats on the internal queues in the server (e.g. if
it's busy, there will be many packets waiting, and all of the child
threads will be doing work)

  The end result is that it's simpler to implement than SNMP, has fewer
issues, and returns more data than the SNMP statistics would return.


  Alan DeKok.

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