dhcp server (udp packet size)

EvilEzh ezh at telcobalt.lv
Fri Jun 20 19:12:39 CEST 2008

I still can't get some clients to receive my dhcp packets.
After some more testing i figured out packet size differences.
In other dhcp server responses it's 342 bytes ... on radius dhcp server i've 
618 bytes.
Is it possible to make send back messages as short as possbile ?  :)
Also found some references that dhcp clients can refuse messages if thay are 
larger that expected.


from rfc:
The client SHOULD include the 'maximum DHCP message size' option to
   let the server know how large the server may make its DHCP messages.
   The parameters returned to a client may still exceed the space
   allocated to options in a DHCP message.  In this case, two additional
   options flags (which must appear in the 'options' field of the
   message) indicate that the 'file' and 'sname' fields are to be used
   for options.

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