dhcp server (unicast replay)

EvilEzh ezh at telcobalt.lv
Sat Jun 21 00:03:18 CEST 2008

Actualy i see in packet source x.x.x.x (client) -> z.z.z.z (server).
replay is z.z.z.z -> y.y.y.y (relay).
There is several retries from client. So i think clien't don't receive 
packet from relay.
So if there is unicast from already configured client .. response should be 
sent directly back to client ignoring relay.

DHCPREQUEST generated during RENEWING state:
      ........... This message will
      be unicast, so no relay agents will be involved in its
      transmission.  Because 'giaddr' is therefore not filled in, the
      DHCP server will trust the value in 'ciaddr', and use it when
      replying to the client.

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