FreeRadius and CoovaAP

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Sat Jun 21 17:33:37 CEST 2008

You can't authenticate chap against ldap (AD). Use pap or mschap

Ivan Kalik
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Dana 21/6/2008, "LGM" <lmazzella at> piše:

>Hello list,
>Has anybody implemented CoovaAP with FreeRadius talking to LDAP (Win
>2003 Active Directory)?
>I've been attempting to configure CoovaAP to authenticate against
>Active Directory using FreeRadius binded to LDAP. The LDAP binding
>goes fine. I can also successfully authenticate a user with a radtest
>command from the local machine.
>I run into problems when I enter a username and password into the
>authentication page on my WRT54GL running CoovaAP. The password is
>passed to FreeRadius as CHAP. LDAP fails with the error
>"User-Password" is required for authentication. Cannot use
>Is it possible for CoovaAP to pass usernames and passwords in a form
>that LDAP can authenticate? I've been considering editing the
>ChilliLibrary.js on the WRT54GL but that seems like a heavy handed
>(and likely ineffective) way of going about it. Any help/suggestions
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you in advance.
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