MySQL connection over SSL possible?

Anders Holm anders.holm at
Mon Jun 23 20:49:39 CEST 2008

Sorry for my extremely belated reply (been on vacation so deliberately
stayed away from email.. :) )

Yes, connecting to a different port using mysql command line tools did work.
Used the exact same settings for host and port etc. so ...

I should get the source tree checked out at some stage so I can start having
a closer look at the latest code to poke at the SSL bits... It's something
I'd like to use myself in the future, opposed to any stunnel or ssh port
tricks. Such tricks will just trip any such installation when it's time to
replace the database host... I'd rather just have it all in the
configuration file and be done with it.


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> When I tried setting the port number to something different I used "port =
> <port number>" .. That yielded "cannot connect to server using socket"
> when running radiusd in debug mode.
> So, there's two things to take away from that experience.

whoah. one missing step. did you test this setup was actually operational
with a simple bit of mysql client action on the FreeRADIUS box...

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