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Mon Nov 3 14:53:45 CET 2008

>I would like to use the counter module (not the sql_counter module) of
>FreeRadius 2.0.5 and I have questions about it :
>1 - If it's possible, how can I display the value of a counter into the
>reply message ?

Counter value is held in the attribute defined by counter-name. You can
display that like any other attribute value:


>2 - I have created a counter based on the Acct-Output-Octets, so when a
>user reached the threshold, the Reply-Message is remplaced by :
>"Your maximum daily usage time has been reached".
>I would like to modify it depending on the threshold reached (I will
>place 2 or 3 differents counters) because it's in English, I display
>this Reply-Message on my error page and because the threshold is not
>depending on time :)
>Is it possible and how can I do it ?

You can define Reply-Message in sqlcounter but it's hardcoded in counter
module. Replace it like you would replace value of any other attribute:

Reply Message := whatever

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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