FreeRadius and MySql custom attributes

Aaron Seibert aaron at
Wed Nov 5 18:14:45 CET 2008


I work in the NOC of an isp.  Currently we have VIRCOM Radius servers
set up to authenticate against a MySql server cluster, but we'd like to
switch to FreeRadius. There is a profiles column that contains a few
different service definitions (slip for SlipStream, newsgroups, a combo
slip-news, etc.)  What I can't figure out how to do is have the Radius
server evaluate that column for the authenticated user, and send a reply
so that the client knows that the user is authenticated for that
specific service.  Currently, I'm just trying to get the slip service to
work.  I have created a dictionary.slipstream file with the following:

VENDOR Slipstream 7000
ATTRIBUTE SlipStream-Auth True string Slipstream

However, that will not authenticate the slip client.  If I "hardcode"
the attribute into the auth_reply query, the client is then
authenticated. (Query = authorize_reply_query = "SELECT
'','Slipstream-Auth','true',':-' FROM radius_auth WHERE Username =

Any ideas where to go to get this working correctly?

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