freeradius 2.1.1 with ubuntu server 8.04

piston pistonic at
Wed Nov 5 18:34:04 CET 2008

Dear Alan

Follow your guide, i manage to compile debian. 

Compilation result:

- freeradius_2.1.1-0_i386.deb
- freeradius-postgresql_2.1.1-0_i386.deb
- freeradius-mysql_2.1.1-0_i386.deb
- freeradius-ldap_2.1.1-0_i386.deb
- freeradius-krb5_2.1.1-0_i386.deb
- freeradius-iodbc_2.1.1-0_i386.deb
- freeradius-dialupadmin_2.1.1-0_all.deb
- freeradius-dbg_2.1.1-0_i386.deb

But i notice the freeradius-utils package was not there, how can i compile the freeradius utilities package?


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piston wrote:
> I'm trying to building package, so how i got error during the process. I have no problem to build freeradius 2.1.0 package at this pc.

  Grab the "stable" tar file.  See for instructions.

  Alan DeKok.
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