variable expansion of check item in users file

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Nov 6 19:22:23 CET 2008

Alexandre Chapellon wrote:

> I have several accounts stored in users files for which i have set set
> the Pool-Name controll attribute based on the Huntgoup-Name.
> So i tried something like this:
> account1   Cleartext-Password := "passwd1", Pool-Name :=
> "%{Huntgroup-Name}_suffix"
> Unfortunatly the expansion of the variable doesn't happen and all i get
> is '=25=7BHuntgroup-Name=7D_suffix'

 The expansion doesn't happen in the check items in the "users" file.

  Use "unlang".  And "radiusd -C" will check if the configuration is
valid.  You can do this before restarting or HUPing the server.

  Alan DeKok.

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