Restricting user to specific NAS Port

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Tue Nov 11 12:05:05 CET 2008

>I have gone through the archives and either I am searching on the
>wrong terms or there is not  much on this topic.  I am using
>FreeRadius 1.1.3 on Debian with a database backend to FreeRadius and I
>need to restrict some ADSL users to specific NAS Ports.  I found that
>adding an entry to radcheck like:
>blah1 at	NAS-Port-Id	==	abc
>restricts the user to this port  Now how do I add additional NAS ports
>so that they still authenticate because the same useraccount needs to
>be able to log in from multiple NAS ports.
>I tried putting in multiple entries but it does not seem to work.  I
>get an authentication accepted response for the first port and then
>additional ones always reject.
>Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Use huntgroups to group ports.

blah1 at	Huntgroup-Name	==	whatever

Ivan Kalik
Kalik informatika ISP

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