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Søren Schrøder sch at cybercity.dk
Wed Nov 12 11:12:51 CET 2008

>> default sql.conf claims opposite:
>>        # Print all SQL statements when in debug mode (-x)       
>>        sqltrace = yes sqltracefile = ${logdir}/sqltrace.sql
>> But to check your statement, I started radiusd in demonmode (rc
>> script), and I still dont get queries logged in the tracefile
> That's -x not -X.

man 8 radiusd:

"-X     Debugging mode. Equivalent to -sfxx -l stdout"

but nothing should be un-tested, so followed your suggestion:

radiusd -x
radiusd -xx
radiusd -f -x 

but still no output in sqltrace.log

Has anyone actually got sqltrace-output in 2.x ? The few mentions I find
on the net all seems to relate to 1.x configurations.

in the sourcecode I find:


if (config->sqltrace)
                radlog(L_DBG,"rlm_sql_mysql: query:  %s", querystr);

Doesnt that mean that its written to the L_DBG (radius.log) file and not
to sqltrace.log ? I do see those in the radius.log:

/var/log/radius/radius.log:rlm_sql_mysql: query:  SELECT id, username,
attribute, value, op           FROM radcheck           WHERE username =
'blabla'           ORDER BY id

I think sqltrace has defacto been depricated ....

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