free RADIUS server + return class attribute

tnt at tnt at
Tue Nov 18 10:43:29 CET 2008

>I want to configure the freeRADIUS server to return the CLASS
>attribute in the ACCESS-ACCEPT message,.
>I tried adding the attribute for a user in users file :
>vinay Auth-type:=CHAP,User-Password="vinay",Class="Admin"
>The attribute is parsed. But when i try to connect with a RADIUS
>client, the freeRADIUS server crashes.
>What is the correct method of passing attributes from RADIUS server to
>the RADIUS Client?

Reading instructions in a file you are editing tends to help. Or man
pages (man 5 users). Not a single item on that line is correct (don't
use auth-type, don't use user-password, where does reply item go).

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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